Molding environmental stewards
through mindfulness and the arts.


One plastic bag at a time.



Shock your senses.
Upcycled and unusually funky.
Our Kenyan-made handcrafts
are one-of-a-kind.


We are a social and environmental change venture that uses the arts to educate children and consumers about mindfulness and environmental stewardship.

What We Do

Upcycled Creations

To support our mission, we co-create upcycled handcrafts with professional artisans using plastic waste collected through our education program. Our crafted items are then sold to conscious people like you.

 Mindfulness Education

Using a fun, evidence-based experience we teach children mindfulness and environmental stewardship through the arts.

 Fair Trade

We are proud to be part of the fair trade movement. The creation of our handcrafts is in line with the Ten Principles of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO), which place the interests of the artisans ahead of profit.