Working with school children, artisan groups, and humanitarian organizations, we offer a variety of educational formats that teach upcycling techniques, mindfulness and environmental stewardship.

We Teach Children

Our “Fantastically Upcycled” class is a research-based education for junior students.

Students are taught concepts around both upcycling and mindfulness. Upcycling concepts teach children to relate to waste in a new way, while mindfulness concepts contribute towards increased empathy and a more holistic view of their communities.

Primary educational goals for this class:

  • To teach creative ways of relating to waste, such as through making jewelry by upcycling.
  • To cultivate an inquiry into the arts.
  • Children will learn practical, evidence-based breathing exercises that can be used anywhere to manage stress and anxiety.
  • To foster environmental stewardship by allowing students to take part in a school recycling campaign supported by Plastic Fantastic Kenya.
  • To develop an understanding of mindfulness and unmindfulness, which help students recognize that little decisions can make big impacts.
  • To develop an appreciation towards mindful speaking and listening.

We Teach Artisans and Humanitarian Organizations

For artisan groups and humanitarian organizations, we offer a variety of programs that combine hands-on education around traditional craftsmanship techniques (i.e. aluminum, bone, beads) with new and progressive upcycling techniques (i.e. using car parts or plastic bags to craft items).

These programs offers participants a new perspective, shifting how they relate to waste by effectively transforming it into a new raw material they can utilize.

The educational goals for our workshops:

  • Create a fundamental shift in how individuals relate to waste, which results in new an unexpected raw materials to craft with
  • Develop an appreciation for their community eco-system

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